South East Asia

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MyDSP – Signals & Systems With MyDAQ

Bring Signal Processing Theory and Signals & Systems classes to life with myDSP: a hands-on, real-time myDAQ application board.

Implement the FIR and IIR filters described in textbooks using the power of the myDAQ suite of signal sources and measuring instruments & analyzers.

NI myDAQ™, EMONA myDSP and the myDSP LabVIEW™ suite of programs provide a completely self-contained experiment environment.


  • Configure and design Digital Filters from a LabVIEW™ SFP, (or your own LV code) and run on a real-time DSP
  • No programming involved. Easy to use GUI
  • Anti-alias (switchable) and reconstruction filters included
  • Complete, self-contained experiment environment
  • Daisy-chainable to other myDAQ boards

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