South East Asia


MITS prototyping machine is the culmination of innovative know-how for fine pattern milling and can provide you with satisfactory circuit board.

The advanced performance of the processing
Compatible with high frequency circuit

Able to process the 50 µm line and space
The miniaturization of the electronics requires ever high density circuit on the PCB.
MITS has responded to the ever increasing needs of the high frequency circuit board, and released the FP-21T Precisionwhich achieves 50µm line and space. Additionally, MITS developed “Correct DXF” which can modify the trouble on the DXF files in order to support the circuit design.

Milling the clear tracks at all time

Superior manufacturing technique and processing know-how
Being able to process clearly at any time is the crucial factor that cannot be represented in the specification.
The fundamentals consist in the excellent manufacturing techniques in fabricating the PCB prototyping machines.
You can ask us to perform the sample processing, then you will see how fine and precise finishes of MITS machines.

Processing with less runout

Each spindle motor has its own optimum rotating speed.
This rotating speed varies depending on the tool you install.
Unnecessary increase of the rotating speed cause the disruption of the balance, more runout, and burrs on the substrate board as well as end mill’s breakage.