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We can analyse your curriculum& help you implement the most effective telecoms lab to suit your budgetary & experiment needs

A Solution to Meet Your Telecommunications Teaching

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TIMS helps students by simplifying complex principles and coding schemes in telecommunication through this versatile communications Trainer offering an inspiring hands-on learning experience….



BiSKIT makes teaching telecommunications much easier for professors, in introductory university and technical college courses. Performs around 70 experiments using the unique block diagram approach…



Students can create their own experiments or load up the pre-prepared experiments at home before and after attending the lab, and have real-time, hands-on experience with the hardware…


netCIRCUITlabs and net*TIMS

Unique 24×7 online access for students, to real hardware labs. netCIRCUITlabs – for Analog and Digital Electronics Labs & net*TIMS – for Telecommunications and Signals & Systems labs…

Why TIMS ?

25 years in Teaching equipment
Existence in over 40 counties & 300 Universities

Technology changes
Principles remain the same

Immediately demonstrate concepts
Conceptual difficulties vaporizes within seconds

Over 3000 documented experiments
Wireless, Signals & Systems, Fiber optics & more

Hands-on Learning
Performance matches theory

Complete solution for telecoms teaching
In the lab, pre-lab & distant over the internet

Why TIMS ?

“instructors can immediately demonstrate concepts in response to student questions. There is an immediate ‘learning by doing’…. We have found the TIMS trainers to be very effective teaching tools with great versatility, particularly the fact that in-house modules can easily be developed and added.”

Prof K W Yates[Professor of Electrical Engineering]

University of Technology, Sydney, Australia


“With TIMS you are able to convey reality: I have seen conceptual difficulties virtually vaporize within seconds of a demonstration”

Dr R Radzyner – Senior Lecturer[Department of Communications]

University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia


“We have been using TIMS for more than 10 years in our Wireless Engineering curriculum. The equipment and support have been superb – better than any other lab equipment or supplier that I have had experience with in 30 years of teaching lab-based courses. We have always had immediate, competent response to questions. The stations, modules, and cables are remarkably rugged,…”

Thaddeus Roppel, Ph.D.[Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department]

Auburn University, AL 36849, USA


“I am using the TIMS modules for several years. It is a practical way to teach and learn analog and digital telecommunications, from the simplest to the most complex topics. The ease to build different telecommunications schemes and models similar to the real world, and its interactivity, make TIMS extremely valuable academically. Students quickly learn and experience the concepts involved in…”

Mg. Edgard Oporto[School of Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering]



“I use a modular laboratory teaching system TIMS for subjects like Signals & systems and Radio comunication for more than 10 years. I like this system because I can demonstrate to students principles of modulators, demodulators or the all transmission model. I often use it with a signal generator and radio receiver. I would recommend TIMS for you.”

pplk. Ing. Vaclav Platenka, Ph.D.[Head of the Communication Group, Department of Communication and Information Systems]

Faculty of Military Technology, University of Defence, Brno, Czech Republic


“Computer simulations are invaluable in engineering design. But they cannot perfectly model the behavior of actual systems. TIMS provides a “real world” telecommunications systems.”

Dr. T. Brewer[School of Electrical & Computer Engineering]

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA


“At the Institute of Telecommunications, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia TIMS has been used since 2004. Mainly to support lectures and seminars of courses on: digital, mobile and optical communications. Personally I perceive the greatest added value of TIMS in the fact that it is a modelling system (not a simulator)…”

Ing. Martin Rakus, PhD. (Teacher)[Institute of Telecommunications, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology]

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia

Ing. Martin Rakus

TIMS brings text books to life with real signals in real time. TIMS takes the pain away from Professors in teaching complex theories & math.

Students enjoy learning and Professors experience a sense of accomplishment.

Learn Telecommunication like never before


  • There was an increasing anxiety among students on
    how would the theory be applied in real world?
  • After their Telecoms Lab equipped with TIMS, learning has become so much fun.
    Advanced and complicated theories in Signals & Systems are
    not a hassle anymore.
  • Thanks to TIMS Block Diagram approach!



Get TIMS Now & Use it For Ever

Expandable Capabilities to Meet Changing Technology

TIMS is Customisable

The TIMS’s modular approach offers instructors unlimited versatility and expandability, as the range of ADVANCED MODULES is constantly being expanded to include the latest in telecommunications theories like Wireless communications, OFDM, Radar & signals & systems areas. Instructors can also utilise the ‘Open Ended’ nature of TIMS by adding their own custom designed modules to demonstrate aspects of telecommunications in their sphere of interest.

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